Eifel Pumps - ES series Self-priming Pump

EJ series



ES horizontal double-suction split-casing pump is our advanced new product. Pump casing is in nice linearity design with stiffeners. The two bearings are located at a short distance, and the shaft is accordingly shortened, so that shaft, bearings and mechanical seals would be kept in a long service life. Shaft is fully sealed away from medium, no erosion, and high interchangeability. Closed circulate cooling system is applied to its inner seal housing, which makes ES pump simple in structure and easy to maintain. ES split-casing pumps are used far and wide in civil water supply, industry, construction, air-conditioning, irrigation, marine, fire fighting and power station.

Design: German Standard

Structure: Single-Stage, Double-Suction, Split-Casing, Centrifugal Pump

Flange: DIN2501 (IS07005.2 or GB/T17241.6 PN1.6) standard, ANSI 816.5 Class150Ib optional

Casing - Cast Iron standard, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel optional

Impeller - Bronze standard, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel optional

Shaft - ASTM1045standard,ASTM420,ASTM304,ASTM316 optional

ShaftSeal - Mechanical Seal standard
(Carbon-CeramicNiton standard, Caron-SicNiton optional),
Gland Packing optional

Operating Data :
Discharge diameter: 80-600mm
Max Capacity: 20001 / s
Max Head: 170 m
Max Pressure: 16 Bar standard, 25 Bar on request
Max Temperature: 105°C
Max Capacity: 20001 / s