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EA Serise


EA Serise



EA pump complies fully to the European Standard BS EN733/ DIN 24255 of performance and dimensions. They are used for pumping clean water or liquids similar to water, achieving wide application in plants, mines, city water supplies, air-conditioning coolers, fire-fighting system and irrigation. Pumps of the same model have different performance levels basing on different diameter after impeller trimming. Overall the whole series, there are only four sizes of shaft and five of bearing housing. As long as their bearing housings are of the same size, different pumps can interchange spare parts such as shaft, shaft sleeve, shaft seal, impeller nut, etc. EA pump is also very easy to be installed and maintained. Back pull-out design, driven through flexible coupling, so that pump ca-sing and motor can be remains in position while other spare parts are removed.

Design: Performance and dimensions referring to the European standard BS EN733/ DIN24255.

Structure: Horizontal, Axial End-Suction, Single-Stage, Single-Suction, Volute Casing, Back pull-out, Centrifugal Pump

Flange: DIN2501 (IS070025.2 or GB/T17241.6 PN1.6) standard ANSI B 16.5 Class 150Ib optional

Rotation: Clockwise viewing from the drive side


Casing - Cast Iron standard, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel optional

Impeller - Broze standard, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel optional

Shaft - ASTM304,ASTM316,ASTM1045optional

ShaftSeal - Mechanical Seal standard
(Carbon-Ceramic/Viton standard, Caron-Sic/Viton optional) Gland Packing optional

Operating Range :
Flow Rate (Q) : 2-1100m3/h
Head (H) : 2-150m
Speed : 1450 or 2900 rpm (50Hz) 1750 or 3500 rpm (60Hz)
Temperature: -10°C to 105°C
Working Pressuro: 10 Bar standard, 16 Bar on request