Eifel Pumps - EJ series Self-priming Sewage Pump

EJ series



Description EJ pump is designed referring to the Europeanstandard of performance and dimensions. This sase1sIfseiPmin! e:a:ePs;Pu hasmaintenance holes out:1:etecasing which convenient maintenance and meanwhile, the other one advanced device - wear rpeuZida?ereut:Yd fcr:r'pt7ptil:,;Iter=i,:it,-g abrasive solids up to a viscosity of 50mm,s. They are applied in many fields, such as industry, civil engineering, marine, waste treatment and so on. As self-priming sewage pumps, they can deal with different neutral, alkali liquids clean or dirty: liquids mixed with sand, mud or other s°dl"sus:e%°Icnic°s PltdtunPrdlt limesoda suspension; low from washing, OO Pitricntilpiapti:r7O breeamdrtrZndcinto different levels by speed (Rpm) to meet different requirements.

Design: Performance and Dimensions referring to the European standard

Structure: Semi-open impeller, Horizontal, Single-Stage, Single-Suction, Self-priming

Flange: All EJ pumps are casted with flange

Casing - Cast Iron standard,Ductile Iron optional,Bronze optional

Impeller - Ductile Iron standard,Bronze,ASTM304,ASTM316 optional

Shaft - ASTM1045 standard, ASTM304, ASTM316, ASTM420 optional

ShaftSeal - Mechanical Seal(Sic-Sic/Viton)

Operating Data :
Flow Rate (Q) : 2-160 l/s
Head (H) : 4-60m
Speed : 1450~2900 rpm(50HZ), 1750~3500 rpm(60HZ)
Working Pressure : 0.6 MPa
Max Solids: 76 mm