Submersible Sewage Pump - WQ Series

WQ Series


WQ, JYWQ Summary -
• WQ, JYWQ improve the same type pumps ofthe local and overseas. It optimizes the hydraulic, seal techn-ology, structure, protection.And it innovates, makes it morereliable and safe. Easy to use, long service, good dra-inage capacity. The whole series is easy for selection. If fit with electronic control cabinet, which will protect pump.
• Optimize performance, two channel impeller, two to three mechanical seal, make mechanical seal lubricate, and cool better, run stable without clogging, easy to pass forpumped liquid.
• Mechanical seal is in serial, the shaft seal is more reliable, long service. •The improve the structure is benefit for seal, running reliable, less vibration, optimized structure, pump is easy for usage.
• IPX8 motor, good cooling motor, temperature increase is lower than normal motor endurable, Class F ins-ulation, long service of motor.
• There are many protections in the motor, easy for user selection.

Application -
• Building, hospital, residential area, municipal projects, roads, factory sewage, small sewage treatment, etc. The pumped liquid is rain water, wastewater with solid, longfabrics

Working conditions -
• Power supply: 50Hz, 3PH,380V •Liquid temperature shall less than 40 degree centigrade, Ph value is between 4 and 10. Density shall less than 1200kg/m³, solid and liquidratio shall less than 2%
• The lowest liquid level shall in conform to the lowest liquid inthe size dimension
• The pump is not suitable for strong corrosive liquid or solid.
• The solid shall not exceed the max. allowed solid diameter.
• Sewage discharge in the residential area.