S.S Horizontal Singel-Stage Centrifugal Pumps - MS Series

MS Series


Application -
Pressurization and pumping of industrial and civilian clean water or other liquids.

Water treatment.

Water circulating system.

Agricultural irrigation.

Other fields.

Operation Conditions -
Thin, clean, non-flammable and explosive, not containing the liquid with solid particle and fiber.

Able to transmit light corrosive medium (Relate to the content of chloride ion in the medium, thickness of acid or alkali, whether generate corrosion on the rubber and mechanical seal materials)

The density of transmitted medium is less than that of clean water, viscosity close to that of water. Otherwise the motor of large power is required.

Liquid temperature: Ambient temperature: up to +40°C
Hot water type: -10°C to +85°C
Altitude: up to 1000m

Motor -
Two pole standard motor (2900 RPM).

Protection class: IP55

Insulation Class: F


Item Phase H.P(KW) Capacity (Lit/Min) Head(m) Suction Delivery
MS60 ~1 1.00 (0.75) (80-20) Lit/Min (22-28)m 1.25" 1"
MS100 ~1 1.50 (1.10) (160-40) Lit/Min (16-27)m 1.25" 1"
MS250 ~1 2.00 (1.50) (300-100) Lit/Min (17-23)m 1.5" 1.25"
MS250 ~1 3.00 (2.20) (300-100) Lit/Min (22-28)m 1.5" 1.25"