Singel-Stage Centrifugal Pumps - TD Series

TD Series


Introduction -
The type TD pumps are single stage in-line centrifugal pumps, equipped with standard motor and mechanical seal. Comparing with other pumps in similar structure, these pumps are less accessible to the impurity in the liquid. The pump is designed to be pulled out from the top when disassemble. It can be repaired without affecting the pipelines. The mechanical seal for TD200 and above is cartridge mechanical seal. Motor needn't to be disassem-bled when replace mechanical seal. TD125~TD150 products have two structures,one is easy maintenance structure, using a catri-dge mechanical seal. And another is expantion shaft structure.

Operation Conditions -
Following conditions are suitable for the performance curves shown above.
1. All curves arebased on themeasured value ofmotor 3 X 380V, 50Hz: underthe constant speed of 2900rpm, 1450rpm or 1480rpm; 60Hz:under the constantspeed of 3500rpm or 175Orpm;
2. Curve tolerance in conformity with IS09906 Annex A.
3, Measurement is done with 20°C air-free water,without impurities.
4, The operation of pump shall refer to the performance region indicated by the thickened curve to prevent overheating due to too small flow rate or overload of motor due to too large flow rate.
5. If the thickness and density of the pumped liquid is different from water,the motor power sh-ould be adjusted.

Motor -
Two pole standard motor (2900 RPM).

Protection class: IP55

Insulation Class: F