Tow-stage Centrifugal Pumps (back-to-back impellers) - 2TCP-25/140m, 2TCP-25/160A

2TCP-25/140m, 2TCP-25/160A


USES - These centrifugal electric water pumps with two IMPELLER made of BRASS are suitable to handle clean or slightly cloudy, non-corrosive water not exceeding 50°C temperature. Ideal as water booster sets working under the most sever conditions. Most suitable in domestic and horticultural applications, tank filling in industrial units, water pressurization in general, heavy duty high pressure washing, etc.

PUMP SIDE - Two boxer type IMPELLERS made of BRASS with balanced axial thrust, stainless steel shaft, high quality mechanical seal. inlet and outlet threaded according to UNI 338-66 gas.

ELECTRIC MOTOR - Heavy duty, continuous service, induction motor builit to IEC 2-3 issue 1-1974 ref. 355 regulations. Built-in overload motor protector for single phase version. Protection according to IP44 Standards. Size according to UNEL-MEC specifications.

PRODUCTION STANDARDS - The pump side is in cast-iron and is built to ISO 2548 regulations. The motor to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) specifications.

QUALITY CONTROL - All our pumps are individually factory tested according to UNI 6871-71 P cat Ill Standards.


Slngle phase: 180V - 220V

Three phase: 380V - 440V

Maximum allowable deviation from the rated voltage ±5%

(Other voltages available on demand).


WARRANTY PERIOD - 24 months.


H= Total Dynamic Head In Meters

Q= Flow Rate