Vertical & Horizontal Multistage Pumps - MSH - A, B, C, D

Horizontal Multistage Pumps - MSH - A, B, C, D


USES - - Multi-stage centrifugal pumps, vertical and horizontal, that guarantee high perssure. Particularly suitable for civil and industrial applications - in particular pressurisation systems, fire fighing systems and washing and plant.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES - - Pump casing and bracket in cast iron; external case in cast iron; impellers in brass; ceramic-graphite mechanical seal; world leading brand ball bearings, liquid temperature range 0-90°C; max. operating pressure 30 bar.

MOTOR - 2 pole induction Motor; single phase 230V - 50Hz with thermal protector up to P2= 1,85 kW; three phase 230-400V - 50 Hz; insulation class F; protection degree IP 44

ON REQUEST - Other operration voltages and frequencies; special mechanical seal; special liquids.