S.S.(304) Multistage Deep-Well Submersible Pumps - SJ Series

SJ Series


Application -
Circulation or boosting for clean water, dematerializes water

Water supply, irrigation system.

Lowering ground water level.


Other Industrial applications.

Operation Conditions -
Solid grain-or-fiber-free dilute clean non-corrosive liquids.

Liquid temperature:
Maximum liquid temperature: 25°C
Maximum working pressure: 38bar For the sake of pump running safety and reliably, User shall install the correct motor protection.

Motor -
Full-enclosed air-blast two pole standard motor.

Protection class: IP55
Insulation Class: F


Item Phase H.P(KW) Capacity (m3/h) Head(m) Suction Delivery
SJ30-8 ~3 10 (7.50) (5-38) m3/h (89-36)m 3" 3"
SJ42-7 ~3 15 (11) (5-60) m3/h (92-32)m 6" 3"
SJ60-8 ~3 20 (15) (10-75) m3/h (110-35)m 6" 4"