Centrifugal Pumps - CB 400/CBT 1000

CB 400/CBT 1000


USES - Two impeller centrifugal pumps for constructing pressurisation systems for civil and industrial plant; the two counterposed impellers guarantee high head with good delivery.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES - Cast iron pump casing with threaded openings; cast iron motor bracket; impeller in brass and Noryl® (mod. CB100 ÷ 751, CBT 900), brass impeller CBT 800, 1000 ÷ 1500; ceramic - graphite mechanical seal; motor shaft in AISI 416 steel CB 100, in 303 the hydraulic side in other models; world leading brand ball bearings; Liquid temperature range 0 - 90 °C (0 - 50 °C if impeller in Noryl®); max. operating pressure: 6 bar for CB100, 10 bar up to CBT 751 and CBT 900, 11 bar for larger models.

MOTOR - 2 pole electric induction motor for continuous operations; stator made with low-loss laminated electric sheet steel; insulation Class F; IP 44 protection level; thermal protection for single-phase models (excluding models CB400 and CB600) ; the user is responsible for supplying protection for the three-phase models

ON REQUEST - Other operating voltages and frequencies; special mechanical seal; special liquids.